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Sharing Successes

ABCD & GNH in Bhutan

The Bhutan Royal Education Council working with Calgary-based educators (Mindful Development Consultants Ltd.) on an educator development project made an exciting link between the capacity-building elements of ABCD and appreciative inquiry with their country’s focus on GNH, or ‘gross-national happiness”, resulting in new strategies being incorporated within their upcoming work with parents, students and staff. […]

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Inner-City Capacity Building

Sutherland, D., Sokal, L. (2003), Resiliency and capacity building in inner city learning communities, Portage & Main Press, Winnipeg, Man. Canada. This Canadian collection of successes focuses on the power of school and extended community relationships and the power of a strength-based orientation for affecting learning outcomes.  

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Sharing school community successes!

National Network of Partnership Schools documents annual collections of success stories in building family, school, community partnerships at the school or system wide levels. Be inspired by the creative initiatives already taking place.    

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