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The Parent-School Partnership

This Café conversation is designed to introduce parents to the Parent Cafe approach and to reinforce their important role in the parent-school partnership by:

  • exploring the connection of their supporting role with their dreams for their child’s education.
  • helping parents understand the power of conversation and community building.
  • guiding parents in understanding their critical role as partners in a school system that may be new to them.
  • reinforcing the wide range of potential assets and strategies available for supporting their child’s learning.

Parent leaders and educators will find a thought provoking question to inspire parent conversation, followed by discussion points that can be used to add to and further stimulate the conversation. It is Cafe’s experience that together most parents, given the opportunity, will raise many of the suggested discussion points. In this way the capacity of the group is built, while highlighting collective wisdom. The questions have been designed to lead from one to another but remember this is meant only as a guide to conversation. All of the questions may not be needed to reach the goals of the conversation and your conversation may naturally follow a different path.

For facilitators leading a conversation Café,  the conversation guide below is presented in a Power Point, 2 slides/page format, that permits easy reference between questions and suggested discussion points.

The Parent-School Partnership – Conversation Guide

The following set of notes provides additional information for facilitators leading the Café, or parents wishing to delve further into the topic. Each page of information corresponds to one question from the conversation guide.

The Parent-School Partnership – Facilitator Guide (pdf)

The Parent-School Partnership:  Accompanying Resources

These suggested quality resources are a starting point to guide parents in making connections with schools and community organizations and institutions working to provide support for learning. Resources are organized in the order they appear and are suggested throughout the conversation notes.  Café graciously accepts suggestions of additional quality resources focusing on the parent-school partnership.  Do you have a resource to share?

The Parent-School Partnership – Resources