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Assets in Action

Join the conversation!    Parent Café is a unique opportunity to guide parents in strength-based, guided conversations. A conversation café brings people together for discussion, sharing, and support in order to stimulate learning, excitement and further action. Taking an asset-based approach to supporting learning, Parent Café shares a series of thought-provoking questions around a number of strenght-based topics to give parents a chance to talk and make connections, dream, focus on possibilities, and to validate what they are already doing well in support of learning. Accompanying resources are also included to support further learning and action and to encourage community connections.

The Parent Café approach was developed during 2010-2012 through a series of conversation cafés hosted in six participating schools and community settings in collaboration with our partner organizations.  Formats and topics of conversation varied according to the interest and context in each setting. Feedback from participating parents and educators has been instrumental in informing the content as well as the format for sharing the guided conversations.

For more on this see …. Parent Cafe Overview 2013 (pdf)

Become a Parent Leader 

Would you like to make a difference in supporting children and families in the community? Are you a parent leader, teacher or community educator with an interest in bringing parents together for conversations about supporting learning? Are you already doing this work and looking for additional resources?

Your role could help parents have a space to share their successes and great ideas for supporting learning. Parent Café offers easy-to-follow resources for guiding parents in conversation, and consolidates resources around our strength-based topics and conversation themes.

more on leading Parent Café conversations and resources for facilitators…

Guided Conversations Themes