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Why bring parents together to support learning? 

Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher  –  we know that supportive networks, friendships and access to quality information can help parents take steps to support learning. Café has seen that when parents have an opportunity to come together around their child’s learning, something they care deeply about, they often find new and innovative ways to become engaged. They may learn new skills, take steps to be involved in their child’s school, make more time for play, join the library, use a community resource, create an opportunity for their child to visit with seniors in the neighbourhood, help another parent with child care, mobilize other parents to take on a project, the possibilities are endless…

Parent Café offers parent leaders or educators a collection of easy-to follow resources and supports for hosting community conversations along a number of strength-based themes known to impact learning.

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Rationale and Research

We know the role of parents in supporting their child’s learning and healthy development is a critical part of their success. Developments in research and practice show increasing relevance for adopting a strength-based, ‘glass-half full’ orientation to support parents to build capacity for this important work.

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Assets in Action

Join the conversation! Parent Café offers resources for supporting parents along a number of strength-based themes known to impact learning; i.e. literacy, connecting learning at home and school, or engaging community assets. Parent leaders and educators can use Cafe’s resources to host conversation-cafés with parent groups in support of learning.

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Sharing Successes

What are your great ideas from and for parents ? Success builds on success. Sharing stories of ‘what’s working’ in support of learning can be validating, informative and inspiring for other parents.

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Resources for Parents

Navigating the vast amount of information now available for parents can be overwhelming! Café has consolidated quality resources to share with parents along a growing number of Café themes to encourage connections with community resources and support learning.

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