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Engaging communities in education

Data Sharing Resources for Afterschool and Expanded Learning Programs and Systems Harvard Family Research Project.  Download PDF

Benson, P. (2006), All Kids Are Our Kids: What Communities Must Do to Raise Caring and Responsible Children and Adolescents, 2nd Edition, ISBN: 978-0-7879-8518-9

Nakkula, M.J., Foster, K.C., Mannes, M., Bolstrom, S. (2010), Building Healthy Communities for Positive Youth Development Series: The Search Institute Series on Developmentally Attentive Community and Society, Vol. 7, 2010, XIV, 189p.

Dorfman, D., (1998), Mapping Community Assets Workbook, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, Oregon.

Green, M.,  (2006), When People Care Enough to Act: ABCD in Action, Inclusion Press, Toronto, Canada.(book and DVD resource).

McKnight, J. (2013), A basic guide to ABCD community organizing

Kretzmann, J., & McKnight, J. (1993). Building communities from the inside out: A path toward finding and mobilizing a community’s assets. Chicago, IL: The Asset-Based Community Development Institute, ACTA Publications.

Born, P. (2008) Community Conversations: Mobilizing the Ideas, Skills, and Passion of Community Organizations, Governments, Businesses, and People, PBS Books, Toronto, Canada. Learning Centre:  available at:

Building Villages to raise our children, Harvard Family Research Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education, The Building Villages series includes an overview volume and guides on five topics that provides a set of building blocks for a community approach to supporting families.


Supporting Literacy

Maxwell, J. (2010) It’s time to reboot education for adults with low literacy skills, St. FX University, Bronfmann Lecture notes focusing on centrality of literacy for healthy communities and economies and need to address the issue of low literacy in Canada from a prioritized, capacity-building approach.

Kretzmann, J., Rans, S. (2005), The Engaged Library, Chicago stories of Commmunity building, the Urban Libraries Council.


Supporting the Early Years

Smyth, T. Dewar, T. Raising the Village, (2009) BPS Publishing, Toronto and New York.

Centre for Community Child Health Linking schools and early years

Grow along with Me, supporting families for healthy childhood development, Lethbridge,

Coalition for Community Schools, Institute for Educational Leadership

Stronger Family Alliance, Child and Family Services, New South Wales


Supporting New Canadians