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Community Learning

What We Know…

  • Communities that mobilize successfully capitalize on their unique strengths and assets, focus on relationships and build on their successes.
  • With an asset-based orientation to community education, learners are supported to develop their capacity and fully participate in society.
  • The more that individuals engage in learning and the broader community, the more opportunities are sparked and developed for others to learn and grow.
  • Conversation is an effective tool and a catalyst for connecting, learning and inspiring further action.

Now that is a great reason for a conversation!

How We Are Responding…

Woman and children at community gardenIn collaboration with Calgary’s Community Development Learning Initiative, (CDLI Calgary), Cafe supports communities in mobilizing around issues that impact families and children to reach their potential. Cafe supports  community education through a number of CDLI initiatives to help create opportunities for shared learning about how to best move our communities forward.  Cafe works to ensure that emerging research and best practices on community development inform our day to day engagement within our communities in support of learning. We invite you to explore how together we can make a difference!


Cafe supporting community education

For those working to support learning through parenting classes, literacy, ESL or early child development, attention to the elements of a community development approach can help to highlight and engage all available assets and develop individual and community capacity. Please contact cafe for information on available resources and expertise for your community education initiative in these areas:

  • Early childhood development                 Potters team
  • Literacy and learning
  • Parent capacity for supporting learning
  • Adult education and lifelong learning
  • Community capacity- building

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Cafe and Community Development Learning

Cafe’s supports initiatives primarily focused on education and learning, however, the foundation of community building and engagement applies across sectors. Regardless of the issue that mobilizes a community, education is often a common element of the community development process. The opportunity to support those who are working to bring diverse individuals and groups together to meet shared goals is one that Cafe embraces. Cafe’s learning support in collaboration with our CDLI partners and initiatives is dedicated to helping residents, associations and institutions come together to take action around the issues they care deeply about.

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