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Great things can happen at the individual and the community level when people come together and mobilize to support learning. Community education, whether focused on enriched learning, improved literacy, early childhood development, support for new immigrants, or life-long learning opportunities, can inspire collective action. These are highly impactful, capacity-building opportunities that deeply affect the health and quality of communities and can contribute to a citizen’s ability to participate fully in their own development.

Café offers resources, mentoring and orientation for community organizations working to integrate elements of  capacity-building within their educational mandates. Supporting learners at an individual level while maintaining a focus on the community context can help increase confidence and knowledge of how to make connections and be engaged. This in turn impacts a community’s collective capacity find locally relevant solutions. Communities that learn together grow together!

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Rationale and Research

Community education is grounded in emerging research that integrates elements of educational leadership, capacity building and community development.

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Assets in Action

When a community comes together to support learning, their efforts to improve their condition are multiplied. Increasing individual learning capacity impacts a communities capacity to provide further opportunities for all – a virtuous cycle…

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Sharing Successes

There are countless examples of community groups and organizations effectively engaging parents and the extended community in learning goals. Sharing these experiences offers an opportunity for all communities to join the conversation. What’s working and why?

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resources for communities

Café provides a space to share quality resources and ideas for communities that are focused on goals that will impact both individual and community learning capacity.

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