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Literacy and Learning

What we know…

  • A strong foundation for literacy is critical for future success in life and learning.
  • Parents and caregivers can play a key role in child becoming a successful reader.
  • Literacy rates and reading for pleasure are declining rapidly.
  • Children benefit when family, school and the broader community work together in supporting young readers and learners.
  • Conversation is an effective tool and a catalyst for connecting, learning and inspiring further action.

Now that’s a great reason for a conversation!  

How can We Respond…

In collaboration with Calgary Reads, Cafe supporgrandfather reading a bookts
collective action to help families and children reach their potential as readers and learners. Cafe supports literacy through our work in community and in the development of the Parent Cafe: Literacy and Learning conversation resource. This conversation resource offers a pathway for hosts to bring parents, caregivers and community together in exploring how they can best support children in their reading and learning journey. This resource is designed to ensure that emerging research on literacy, child development, and the importance of parent and community engagement informs our day to day interactions with children. We invite you to explore how together we can make a difference!

Parent Cafe – Literacy and Learning

Engaging parents and community to support our young readers begins with conversation. Our Literacy and Learning Cafe resources can help guide a family, school or community to explore their role and engage their own strengths and all available community assets in support of learning. Participants have the opportunity to make connections, share knowledge, challenges, and validate what they are already doing in support of young readers and learners.

Each of the conversation guides contains a series of thought-provoking questions around a number of themes that are known to positively impact learning outcomes:

Woman and young girl sitting in living room reading book and smi

  • Supporting Literacy: a foundation for learning
  • Parents as Partners: Participating in the School Community
  • Connecting Learning at Home and School
  • Your Child’s Individual Strengths
  • Your Child – Your community
  • Technology and Learning
Accompanying resources are provided to support hosts and participants in further learning and action. This conversation guide can be used to host dedicated ‘cafe’ conversations or integrated into other activities or programs where caring adults come together to support young learners..

Building a Reading Community

Can you imagine the possibilities if the extended community worked together in support of reading? Cafe has collaborated with Calgary Read’s to develop the ‘Building a Reading Community: An Asset and Action Approach’ resource. This framework offers a roadmap for schools and community to organize around making a difference for young readers. These community development informed resources and strategies are designed to help an extended community work through an easy-to-follow process to engage local opportunities and assets that can spark action in support of reading. contact Cafe or Calgary Reads for more information…