Cafe governors

J. Tim Goddard, BEd., MEd., PhD,  (Founding President)

Tim is currently leading the Teacher Certification and Accreditation of Teacher Training Institutions in Afghanistan Project (TCAP). This 5 year, CIDA funded project aims to establish the policy and regulatory frameworks which will lead to the development of systems for the certification of teachers and the accreditation of teacher training colleges in Afghanistan. Tim, the immediate past Dean of Education at UPEI, is currently on leave from the university in order to lead this project. While Associate Dean (research and International) in the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary, he was successful in leading international education development initiatives in Kosovo and Lebanon.

Tim served as assistant professor and Director of the graduate program, School of Education, at St. Francis Xavier University, NS. and has extensive experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and educational consultant in urban, rural, and northern communities both within Canada and internationally. Tim has published a wide body of research on educational administration, with a focus on educational leadership and administration across cultures.


Louise A. Partridge, B.Ed., M.Sc., Curriculum and Instruction, (Current President)

Louise has been a teacher, principal and superintendent for a number of years, where she was involved in the implementation of numerous school reforms. As a principal and superintendent Louise was a leader in the move to inclusive education in the Calgary Board of Education. During that time she received awards from the YWCA as a Woman of Distinction and from Phi Delta Kappa as Educator of the Year. Having a research interest in poverty and education, Louise has presented at numerous conferences, and has facilitated workshops for diverse groups in Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. From 2002 to 2006, she and her husband, Jim Toews shared the position as Superintendent of the Calgary Science Charter School, a school designed to develop innovative ways of improving the teaching and learning of math, science and technology. Louise most recently travelled to Bhutan to provide leadership for a national teacher development initiative.


Jill Koch, B.Ed., M.A. Education

Jill has combined experience in community development and adult education both in Canada and internationally. Her research focus in the application of an ‘asset-based community development (ABCD) model in the educational context’ inspired the work of Café and emerged from her participation in the ABCD certificate program from the Coady Institute, St. FX University. Jill has worked in supporting international education projects at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Education, and has developed and facilitated training in both the private and public sectors, in the areas of not-for profit administration and programming, community development, volunteer management, and intercultural training.


Paul Wright, B.Com., C.A.

As a former Chief Financial Officer for several corporations in the domestic and international energy sector, Paul brings to Café broad expertise in financial management, taxation and accounting, and corporate governance. He is a highly engaged as a parent in the school system and continues to provide ongoing financial expertise to schools through his involvement in numerous school parent advisory committees.  Paul is extremely active outside the school as a community volunteer in a number of capacities.


Lynda Lyster, BEd., MA 

Lynda has dedicated 27 years to a career in education with the Calgary Board of Education. As a teacher, principal, and Director of Educational Services, she valued relationships and worked to upgrade public school libraries. Since leaving the CBE in 2006, she has assumed the Chair of the Marigold Library System, a cooperative network of libraries. In addition, she is Chair of Making Changes, an organization that helps women participate more effectively in the community. Lynda also continues to be involved with the welfare of children through Governors for Children and Education Matters. Lynda’s belief in the power of education has extended into Mexico where she has been instrumental in providing support to a school community in the small town of Barron near Mazatlan.


Christa Mascher, BScOT

Christa received her designation in Occupational Therapy and Biochemistry at McGill University and has continued her graduate studies at the University of Calgary in neurology.  Christa experience brings to Café a multi-sector perspective as a community health practitioner, and as a parent and community leader in education and the arts. Christa’s expertise in brain development research and applied practice supports the work of Café to make emerging research in learning and development accessible and applicable to all.  She has amassed a wide range of volunteer experience including roles in school governance roles, both locally and internationally. Christa has additional teaching experience through her work in community leadership, early literacy tutoring and Kodaly music education.


Alison Mathie, MA, PhD Program Evaluation and Planning  (Founding director, Advisor)

Alison has over thirty years of experience in the international development field in participatory development and evaluation, formal and non-formal education, rural and urban women’s organizations, and gender analysis of macro-economic policy. She has lived and worked overseas in South Asia, the South Pacific and East Africa, and gained valuable experience as an evaluation consultant to non-governmental and multilateral agencies in Washington, D.C. Currently a senior program advisor at the Coady Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, Alison is primarily involved in collaborative partnerships, and in the research and design of educational programs in asset-based community-driven development in the Philippines, India, and Kenya. Together with Gord Cunningham, Alison  has co-authored From Clients to Citizens: Communities Changing the Course of their own development.